Meeting Facilitation

Available in Washington and Clackamas Counties

For families involved with DHS Child Welfare, navigating the system can be a tremendously difficult experience, for all parties involved. Our goal with meeting facilitation is to create a forum where communication is enhanced between parents, caseworkers and foster parents. Our meeting facilitators are highly skilled in effective communication, conflict resolution and mediation, and demonstrate a deep understanding and implementation of trauma-informed interventions.

We provide coordination, planning and facilitation of meetings for parents involved with DHS Child Welfare to bring together all parties involved. Our meeting facilitators create a space to discuss family strengths, concerns of DHS, progress toward closure of DHS case, planning for increased involvement of service providers, natural and community supports, and written objectives for follow up.

Meeting Facilitation Services Available:

  • Child Safety Meetings
  • Family Decision Meetings
  • Oregon Family Decision Meetings
  • Youth Decision Meetings
  • Youth Transition Conference

Meet Our Meeting Facilitators

To learn more about our meeting facilitation services and how we can partner with your agency, please call our Intake Department at (503) 442-2296 or click the button below to send us an email.

I have been pleased with Family SkillBuilders’ level of professionalism and cooperation while working with caseworkers and their ability to build relationships with clients, creating an environment where support, training and education is well received.

DHS Child Welfare Program Manager

Your consultant was great in understanding the concerns and working with the parents to increase the protective ability that, in return, increases the children’s safety.

DHS Child Welfare Caseworker