Partners in Family Restoration

Our story begins in 2002, when four parents and foster/adoptive parents joined together in a grassroots effort to offer hope for families.

During the first few years, the majority of our services focused on mentoring and parent training. As our reputation grew in the community, we were asked to provide services to increasingly more complex situations, and we have responded to the need by adding to our staff expertise. The balance of QMHP and QMHA (credentialed and paraprofessional) staff provides the flexibility to respond promptly to family concerns, increase expertise in family dynamics and interventions, and a commitment to excellence at all levels.

We are proud to have served over 4,500 families and counting. Family SkillBuilders’ reputation of success is a result of our desire to serve families and of each member of our staff that continues the vision to offer the possibilities of change in our community.

We’re proud of our incredible team here at Family SkillBuilders. Learn more about what makes us who we are.

We believe we are most effective when we have built strong relationships with community and partner agencies. Collaboration with our community is essential to our work! Find out more about our practices and core values.

I can’t tell you how much I always appreciate working with all of the Family SkillBuilders! I always tell families that I wish I could have a Family SkillBuilder at my house and it is SO true! Everyone is beyond fabulous and willing to do whatever is necessary to meet families where they are at in their process. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your quick response yesterday but also all you do every day!

ODHS Child Welfare Caseworker

I worked with a consultant who was really amazing with a complex case. I always got reports and updates from the consultant in a very timely manner. I wish FSB was on referral more often because your ISRS services are great for families.

ODHS Child Welfare Caseworker