Family Visitation

Many of the families we work with have children currently in foster care. Our family visitation services provide hands-on coaching to assist parents in making real-time changes to their interactions with their children. We teach parents how to increase positive child-directed time and develop supportive and empathetic communication skills to improve attachment between parent and child.

Our supervised family visits include:

  • Interaction with parent before visit to set goals regarding successful visitation
  • Parent training with curriculum before visit to introduce new skills
  • During visit, observation of interaction between parent and child
  • Ensure that visit is fun and safe for child
  • Ensure that interactions and conversation is nurturing
  • Coach parent during visit regarding parenting skills
  • Feedback after visit regarding noted strengths and progress parent has made toward set goals

Please visit our Meet Our Team pages to meet our Family Support Specialists and Safe Visitation and Exchange Facilitators.

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We provide family visitation services to Child Welfare clients as well as to private individuals. To learn more, call our Intake Department at (503) 442-2296, or click the button below to send us an email.

I will probably be one of the very few who will ever say I am thankful DHS was called on me, because without it my daughter and I wouldn't have had the pleasure and blessing to meet you. I needed to know that someone was assuring me that I'm not a failure and I can do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so amazing.


I’m not as freaked out about maybe parenting my son by myself if I need to.